Auto Accident

Dealing with auto insurance companies alone is never a good idea. As a former auto insurance company lawyer, Brennan Quigley understands how these companies evaluate your claims and also how to maximize them.

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Bicycle Accident

Insurance companies are skilled at pointing blame at bicyclists injured in an accident. Mr. Quigley knows how to stand up to them and call their bluff. It is important that you talk to a lawyer willing to fight for your right to the road.

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Bus Accident

If you were injured in a bus accident, you probably have many questions about what to do next.  Will my case go to trial? What damages can I claim? Can I sue the bus company or the city?  Will my medical bills be covered? The Quigley Law Firm, APC, is here to help you with all your questions about your case.

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Motorcycle Accident

Navigating the legal process alone is just as dangerous as riding without a helmet. Call Mr. Quigley today and protect yourself. Mr. Quigley will do what it takes to ensure that you are compensated justly.

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Slip and Fall

If you have been injured from a fall due to a dangerous condition, Mr. Quigley will work to ensure you get the care and compensation you deserve. Don’t let big business or insurance companies push you around.

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Dog Bite

Getting bit by a dog can be scary, but dealing with the dog owner and their insurance company can be even scarier. We understand the unique injuries that come with dog bites and will fight for you.

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Uber and Ride Share Accidents

Being injured as a passenger in an Uber or other ride share vehicle can often time make the legal process even more confusing. Call Mr. Quigley today. Do not go up against a global company alone.

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